How to be the change?




Just like ‘A for apple’  comes naturally to almost everyone, ‘Change is the only constant’ comes to all those, who know the feeling when they discontinue your favorite lipstick shade or  those who are forced to change schools right between an ongoing academic year.

Change is fundamental and it fundamentally shapes every aspect of our society. However, change is motivated by growth and growth leads to progress. And progress in today’s world is primarily monetized. But if money isn’t the catalyst of change, why do we change?

When I was pursuing education, it was a tedious job to get a chance to use the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reactor) since it was very rarely found in my university. As sparse as the distribution of such tools were, it was harder to learn such techniques and their applications. This made me realize that the future is going to be different- it is going to be simple and online!

The world that we live in today has been created by continuously changing vision of innovators. The fact that there are four PCR machines in one lab, that I can talk to anyone anywhere anytime from my phone for free, or it takes me few hours to reach any corner of the world are some examples of innovative changes.

Let it be any industry, we have been witnessing such progressive changes in all of them. From surgeries to lasers, computers to smart-phones or from fire to light bulb, all are changes for the good. And I’d like to think that- change is an ever continuing process to a better world.

Here are some interesting and practical steps to be the progressive change:

 Be the Problem Solver

To be the change you want to see around you, you need to identify the problem first. But just spotting the problem won’t bring the change. The most important thing is to solve the big problem you are really passionate about. The moment you start looking for a solution, things start to fall in place!

It doesn’t have to be big

A moment that passes will never come back, isn’t a moment very small unit to bring about life altering changes? And it still affects our lives like nothing else does!  So, while beginning the process of change, it does not necessarily have to be big. A small step in the right direction can be a great inspiration to a grand vision.

Widen your spectrum

Yesterday, I tweeted, ‘Pursuing one geography at a time’ by which I meant, pursuing one particular niche, geography, area at a time. Explore your potential, mastering one niche completely before moving on to the next. You should try that too. You’ll definitely be able to embody the progressive change!

Be the pole star

Change is the gap between today and tomorrow. And I learnt this when I joined Function Space as a content evangelist. So changing fields was transformational for me. It enabled me to meet people with alumni that I dreamt of having, learn from their conversations and success stories. But in all this my epicenter was growth, personal growth that was so healthy that made me grow with my organization!

The biggest action to be the change is to learn from the best and not everyone is fortunate to do so! Even if you can’t interact with the best people in your industry, you can always try to learn from them.  Read their blogs and read their books. Follow them on social media platforms.

If everyone is working on changing today to a better tomorrow, the future will be just as you thought, great! Go be the change!

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Knock, Knock, Knock…Science!

Knock, knock, knock, science!

Knock, knock, knock, science!

Tim Burton, I don’t who, but he accidentally summed up the entire 2014 of my life in a single quote, ‘One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.’

So far, apart from my birth year, this has been the best year of my life. 🙂 🙂

I know it is late to say this, but this will be my year!

Here is why, I will be soon working for a company that is making business in ‘Learning network for science.’ And I fail to believe that this is simply a coincidence. This is what Sheldon would call probability! Or may be he would define probability here!! :p

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the legendary character that Jim Parson plays in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ an American sitcom. I am sorry for you if you didn’t know him already…but you can thank me now.

Anyway this post is about how to be a true Sheldon fan!

For beginners, start watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Join some science forum.

Look up the dictionary for the jargon words.

Attend comicon.

If that is too expensive, buy Sheldon souvenirs online.

When your obsession gets stronger, stalk HBO for the latest broadcast and download it with the internet speed that is displayed in the ‘wanted it, got it’ memes.

But nothing beats what I did. I got a job in a science company!

Yes I did! I did get a job in a company that loves science and in my benefit shares it too!! How about telling them to contact Jim to be our ambassador, how about going and marketing the company in comicon festivals and so on. I am full of new ideas; I think they might have occurred to them too. But to my benefit and the companies too, we found each other. serendipity


This is my partial serendipity. I found something good when I was actually looking for it but had started believing that I won’t get it soon. And now I have landed myself in job where I can actually use my education (I am a biotechnologist btw!! ) and passion both together and make a living out of it.

Finally I get to live the phrase, ‘do what you like and you will never work for a day.’  And in all this I get to deal with science heads. To some extent nerds too. And who better than Sheldon Cooper can endorse the title?

I think all my new would be colleagues are Sheldon fans; why else would they think of creating a science social media… You see, social media is here to stay, share anything let it be your state of mind or some latest news on the vanished plane, or simply a photo of your new tattoo and science is its oxygen. Social media platforms thrive on logic.

What am I blabbering, right?

Why do you wake up every morning? How do stand? What is the derivative of 137?

What is string theory? How do mosquitoes breathe? How did we evolve? Was Jurassic park true?

There is science behind everything! And the big bang theory has made it easy and fun. And now it is my job to make it interesting, get it to reach every science fan…oops..Sheldon fan! J

Wish me luck for my new job, new opportunity to bring the world closer!

P.S. I am not going to end it without Bazzinga!



Which two words make you who you are?


When I decide to dine at a fancy restaurant, first half of my time goes in deciding what am I going to wear and then the later half is invested in selecting how high heels should I wear. But when I actually reach the place and make myself comfortable, all I can think of is wow, her shoes are nice, I need to find those jeans…I wonder if she is wearing make-up….and so on! its-me


One of the reasons is that I am self conscious (I like to call my obsession consciousness) and the second is I want so many things that I don’t get.

I hope you too face the same crunching desires…may be for different materialistic things, but you do feel the anxiety and the need to hold what you want even though you don’t need it.

“I want”

These are the two words that can shape a person. The intensity of wanting something varies on time, suitable age, place etc. but the bottom line is that these two words are the driving force.

Oh you are free to disagree with me but give me a chance to explain my point.

Unless you want something or someone, you will not work to get it. And working hard enough depends on how desperately you want that thing. Some of us believe that the moment they stopped wanting something they get it, I can’t explain the logic but I can explain the reason, to stop wanting something, you have to start wanting it first and then when you begin to want it, you automatically try to reach there with all the energy, intelligence or any other resource you have. And when you stop, you forget about the efforts you put in at the beginning.

For me, life is a long journey; every moment is a brand new moment to want something new. What you want today, you may not want tomorrow, but you will definitely get it sometime because, that is the law of nature.

You see, unlike us, nature does not like to hurt anybody. Sooner or later you’ll get everything you want. All you have to do is have faith.

I am not experienced enough to preach anything but I don’t know why I wrote this, may be because I realized today that everything that belongs to us is a loan form the society, nature or god. And if I shape my life beyond the two words, I will be a much happier person because I will work for what “you want.”

Wondering how can what you want make me happy? The answer is simple, if what you want is what you get as soon as you think about it, you’ll be happy and since I contributed in making the transition from want to get faster for you, I will be happy!

You have to decide who is that “you” going to be!

I have found my ‘you’…have you?

The Day He Came Home


loveLike every other Indian girl, I grew up dreaming about my prince charming since a very young age. I somehow got possessive about him so much that I did not realize when I switched on the bollywood mode. But today was an eye opener…
“In relationship” is a status that is not the complete version of taken and leaves a small window of availability. This window gets grilled by commitment and closes on marriage. And I want to close the window. My intentions, views or my future plans were crystal clear. I had found the man of my dreams and finished judging him to be the right one for me. All I needed was to get married.
But one day, my dream changed. Continuous peer pressure reached the threshold of my dream and all I wanted to do was run away from marriages, guys and anything had even the slightest tinkle of a wedding ring!!
Let me make you understand my scene, I had found my man, I knew I want to end up with him, but neither he nor me were ready to make us exclusive…or take our parents into confidence. Reasons were varied, right from dark pasts to stupid reasons like being scared of marriage. When we both were getting comfortable in our virtual commitment cloud, my siblings made the courage to prick it and make my life easier by making this virtual commitment a reality. They told my parents about us. They made us exclusive.
Panicked, I rushed to the phone and told him, “my father wants to meet you” and like the lightning strikes the earth, his “yes” struck me hard and got me back to my senses. It cost me my half days salary to gather myself and face my parents. But I was the mother of this problem and he could have very easily dust his hands of the uncalled responsibility…but he didn’t.
Nightmare is the right word for the situation when a guy meets his girls’ father to officially ask permission to take her away! And today was the day for my guy to face this nightmare. Being judged, being asked absolutely stupid questions, he went through it very patiently wearing a smile throughout. I couldn’t stop wondering, why does he love me so much?
Well, I think I’ll spend the rest of my life finding out the answer and may not even get it. But truly, I am feeling light, everyone knows, and though the getting married part is still unclear, he stood by me when I needed him the most. And that is more than enough reason for me to stand by him whenever he needs me.
This is a genuine dedication to my man…you are my strength. I love you!

How Lights made me realize I can make me Happy!


Diwali for me since college days has not been as special as Ganpati festival. Every year I would make efforts to be with my loved ones and that’s it. I would end up costing value time with family and a pocket full of money. But this Diwali is special. I did not get married nor did I spend a buck load of money for a fancy dress! This Diwali was happy for me, because of me!

Lights are powerful..
Tradition is of high importance in these days and family obviously steals the lime light. But it wasn’t the boring family get together that had suddenly become interesting, it was me who had changed perspective to look at it!

Like everyone does, I dressed up and participated in the Lakshmi Pooja, later burst crackers and was on my way to meet my friends when suddenly a floating Chinese lantern grabbed my attention. My will power was so strong that the same day, my society had arranged the same Chinese lantern even on our ground. 🙂 . I blew the lantern, lite the flame and made efforts for it to take off…and it did.
Like a child, I clapped and expressed my happiness and thereafter I continued to be happy…:)

This particular take off was an enlightening take off for me. I started to feel the happiness in the air, I shared it by tweeting about it but that wasn’t enough so I decided to write about it. Here, with this post, I am attaching a photo, where I actually sat and wrote my heart out, that’s my living room. I am sure, you might also feel like coming over and find your inspiration.

Diwali Living RoomToday I understood the real meaning of Diwali, the real victory of light over darkness, the reason to smile and be happy again.

I have already made my mind to put these lights in my house permanently, cause they make me feel loved and blessed.

Have you seen someone’s eyes while lighting a candle or a diya? I saw it today, and no matter how tiny your eyes are, light reflects!

Every person looks beautiful in the light, is that the reason why sun shines everyday?
Oh, don’t worry, I don’t want you to answer any questions here. I just want to pass on my new found happiness to you. If you already had it, ohh, I envy you already but if you don’t here it is.. 🙂

Light up every mind with good thoughts, light up your soul with a smile let the current of love make you the tallest and strongest electricity pole on earth! Cheesy right…!!

I Hope you find happiness this Diwali like I did! 🙂 Happy Diwali!

How not to cry when you want to cry!!


And here comes the water works!! Is one sentence that I hate from the bottom of my heart. I have actually been use to listening to it, but it was for a long time since, I wanted to explain the reason why I cry or crying is simply like laughing, an expression. Sometimes it made me think that it is just something someone says in order to get away with the trouble of comforting the one who cries. But the crier does not need comfort, she needs courage to push back her tears and swallow the insult, separation or whatever that made her cry!
How to do that during an emotional turmoil…getting into the man’s mentality seems to be a viable solution! But it is not only difficult, it is impossible! So, I have jotted down a few points that can help you deal with your tears yourself and guilt free!
Close the gates!
Eyes are let tears out… close your eyes and your tears will go back in. Believe me, distracting yourself from the situation by avoiding eye contact, closing eyes or adjusting your mascara helps to skip crying.
La La La..
Music! This is tricky way, it will make cry even more if you listen to a song that is super senti or somewhere related to the situation that you are undergoing!
Try and listen to fun songs, like ‘Americano’ but avoid David guetta in such situations! 😉
Music makes it easy to express, it might loosen up you many times but try using music to cover your feeling!
Gulp it!
Yes, you read it right… swallow that gulp of tears and you will run out of tears. Simple logic, if you change their route, they will not come out from your eyes. 
Stop talking
This is probably the best way to get out of almost any trouble. But in case of crying, talking lubricates it instead of conveying your point to the opposite person.
Get Dressed
Weird right..but if you get dressed and look good, you feel good and don’t want anything to spoil it..not even with your own tears!

These are very temporary ways to get rid of situations that can cause you embarrassment by crying. Always remember, if you can’t cry in front of a person, you can’t be yourself with her. Ideally I will say, let them flow, but I have grown wiser to understand that tears are too precious to be wasted. SO use them wisely.


A new bunch of problems!


Kashmir..when I say this word there are two different images that flash in my mind. One is about an artistic shikara in the Dal lake and the other is the still from the movie Lakshya where there are soldiers running all over the place! I have never been to Kashmir but a unique sense of patriotism shoots within me when I listen or read about “POK and IOK.”
Like Kashmir, Northeast India and the south India are have the same issue, not with Pakistan but amongst themselves and with India! Are these people not Indian? Do they experience the same adrenaline rush when they read about Indian soldiers dying in Kashmir? Do they get the goose bumps during an Indo Pak cricket match?
If the answer is yes, why are they fighting to be a separate state? Political and regional reasons are many, you can goggle them. I want to ask about the Indian feeling, where is that?
What we lack is, understanding that we need to adjust. Adjustment is synonym of life, if you don’t get what you want, you can always ask for it and still if you don’t get, you can work out a golden mean. But separation is always the last.
This national issue of demanding separate states have started reflecting in our personal lives. People are getting divorced so fast as if they were never meant to be together. And soon it will reflect in the next generation of our country where separation will be as easy as saying ‘talaq’ three times.
I am not a politically sound person, but all I am trying to do is create little awareness in our generation about adjustment. Telangana issue affected my life the day when my friend had to cancel her tour to her mother’s place: Hyderabad because Tamilians had called a ‘band.’ It was then, when I felt the impact of this situation and dug deeper into why do they want a separate state? We are sacrificing n number of lives every year fighting our neighbours; we should not create more such brothers in our house.
Let us get the “INDIAN” feeling in every Indian. Let us stop dividing land. Let us focus on our growth and development. We already have more than our share of problems. Let us deal with them instead of creating a bunch of new problems!
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