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Congratulations ISRO. You have made India proud yet again.


Space programs have always excited and intrigued mankind. The urge of finding life beyond earth has urged a tremendous sense of wonder among countries of the world.

And among these countries, a country that is still considered developing, has been moving ahead in her scientific space voyage rapidly and steadily. Soon it is about to embark the magnanimous leap to the red planet. In less than 48 hours, India will add another feather to its cap with Mangalyaan reaching mars.

Billion hearts are beating harder than the thrust of LAM engine which will place MOM (India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) into the Martian orbit. Now, the pulse of the nation can be gauged by the tremendous support ISRO is getting on almost all social media sites.

Like other space programs gave us velcro, pocket calculators, they also inspired the youth to take interest in science/technology and promote international cooperation among nations. The Indian Mars mission seems like something that lifts our spirits literally high.

Congratulations ISRO. You have made India proud yet again.

It is an inspiring journey of a developing nation to catch up with a huge chunk of aeronautical  achievements on a bullock cart ridden MOM. (Mars Orbiter Mission)

What began in 1962 in a fishing hamlet near Tiruvananthapuram by two Indian visionaries was actually  to vivify INDIA’s space dream. Some of its operations were operated in a cowshed and some in a  Bishop’s office. There have been instances that the scientists have scouted the satellites to and fro the launching site on bicycles, bullock carts and trucks.



This was just a humble beginning but over the years, India achieved the capability of building its own launch vehicles, remote sensing, communication, defense and navigation satellites, launch interplanetary and lunar missions design and develop the closely guarded and cutting-edge cryogenic engine. Its first achievement was the launch of the Aryabhatta satellite using a Russian rocket.

ISRO was also responsible for the first large scale launch of remote sensing satellites for television broadcasts.

India now has the largest fleet of remote sensing satellites in the world.

With two Mars probes, one Indian and one American approaching mars with a difference of 48 hours, the fever of Mars odyssey has gripped the world; every news channel be it local newspaper or an online platform while trending Mars articles almost reached a research class. Credit goes to ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for their hard work and resourceful efforts in making their nation first Asian country to enter the Martian atmosphere in its first attempt!

Here is an infographic on all the proud moments that ISRO gave India!

Click here to enlarge.

history of ISRO

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The story of education



The ability to think differentiates us from all other animals. Thinking gave rise to ideas and in turn to education! Decades back stories were the only method of education & this method was evolved from the ancient man who swapped stories around fire. Story telling was learning for them and this is how they imparted their wisdom to the next generation.

Stories always sound interesting and when related to the listener they are heard and absorbed carefully.

Every story that we hear, either at bedtime or around the coffee machine is the proof that stories are the way humans share experiences and learn. Learning is an experience and this experience can be lived if narrated in the exact words that connect every student. Learning from stories is very helpful as it tickles the human anxiety to search the deeper meanings of words used by the narrator.

Stories are all around us. They are in books, daily soaps, blogs, advertisements, videos etc. They are sprinkled all over our lives but we fail to anticipate them likewise. Every person is different and so are their stories. The language, the meaning of words, voice, the climax build up equally contributes to evoke feelings and desperation in the learners.

I came across an interesting article which spoke about learning through story telling. What caught my eye was this sentence- “Teaching is most effective, I believe, when students come to feel that the subject matter is worth caring about, that it has something to do not only with the world around them, but with their own lives.

I have a suggestion for everyone who is into teaching or training, tell stories, and encourage this mode of learning. The battle of teaching will be half won with story telling. Stories give birth to ideas; open gates of imagination, create a culture and inculcate an attitude among the learners and this gets associated with the mythology of the organization. Like the story of Apple, great companies have interesting stories about them.

What is your story?

The Two Escobars

Last year ESPN completed 30 years; to commemorate the 30 years benchmark, ESPN released 30 documentaries on 30 sports personalities directed and scripted by 30 renowned directors.
The two Escobars happened to be one of them. At first I thought this is going to a normal documentary about a football player Andreas Escobar and may be the ‘two’ signifies his two greatest achievements! But as the documentary proceeded it revealed the Robin hood Pandey of Colombia aka Pablo Escobar.
Pablo was a drug mafia of Colombia and the owner of the world’s fastest grown football team “The Nacional.” Again my already tuned brain guessed the film to be a path exchanger between the two Escobars, but my spine shivered when I saw the patriotism of the heroes!
Both crossed lines very often because of soccer. One was brought up by the moral values of his mother while other by the poverty ridden frustration. One believed in the game to unite the country and change its image while the other helped the country to be free from extradition. The ways were different but the motive were same, to restore peace and freedom! Pablo and Andreas both were assassinated by the friend within the country!
This isn’t the entire story but just a glimpse of it. The best part of the two different personalities was their humility towards the poor. They both did mistakes which affected their country, families, careers as well as their lives. Pablo was a mafia with principles, Andreas was a player who played from heart. The mistakes they both committed were genuinely not on purpose or with a good intension to free the country!
The society then and now hasn’t changed even a tiny bit. The immediate judgemental attitude based on the actions of an individual without a second thought of his intensions killed the two. I was deeply saddened when a humble player like Andreas was assassinated by a drunkard who thought Andreas scored a goal for the USA on purpose.
The aim to write about this is to promote the film, yes; also some sense into the people. Let it be Colombia, America or India people are the same. When we look at someone who has committed a mistake let’s not overlook the achievements he has bestowed upon our society.
As Andreas would say,”Life does not end here” We have to make a choice to let anger rule us or rule the anger and help others. This documentary has won a permanent place in my laptop and the two Escobars are definitely going to be passed on to my next generation. To be a Pablo or Andreas is the task.