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Here’s why you must celebrate Mother’s day


Consider this job description:

You have a primary purpose of raising physically, emotionally, and morally healthy individuals. You must be able to nurture the individual (under any circumstances) with basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter (education, toys, AC, video games, bikes, cars etc.)

Desired skill set:

  • Prior experience or educational degree is not required
  • Willingness to work 24/7 for lifelong tenure
  • Monetary compensation may or may not be given only after a decade or two
  • Must be able to entertain anytime anywhere
  • Must be physically strong to carry around increasing weight
  • Must be able to handle one or more individuals at a time

The job title is MOM.

I took up the job this year.

Already feels like a decade, but I remember feeling super prego and in a limbo state between get this baby out of me and not a mom yet phase. This time last year, my bun was happily hanging out in the oven, and the mom job was just like the flashy, attractive commercial that pulls the exact cords of your heart and makes you fall for the bluff.

Although I’m unaware of the reason why Mother’s day is celebrated, I have cutely celebrated my mothers (my mom and my mother-in-law) every year. But this year, after enjoying millions of those quintessential milestones (may sound ordinary to anyone else) such as speaking in song language, drooly kisses, where is my mom cry outs, diaper blowouts, sleepy snuggles, story-telling- feeding sessions; I actually feel like a mother.

So I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for my first mother’s day.

At the same time, I’ve also realised that mothers give up a lot for this job: the former glory of their breasts, waistlines, sleep, years of peaceful time (it has been only months in my case), and in some cases careers. It happens so that activities such as: wearing heels, sitting down, chewing your food, wearing hoop earrings, wearing nail polish etc. seem like luxuries. Truly.

But the best part of being a mother is that it introduces you to a version 2.0 of yourself. You don’t just give birth to a human being; you unleash the super hero within yourself. Of course super powers tag along. 🙂

Image result for supermom

Take for example, the pre mom version of me would only cook dinner (wholesome meal, end-to-end), do the kitchen and go to sleep in an hour. But the mom version of me can cook dinner (for 6-8 people), clean, bathe my baby, sterilise her stuff, medicate, feed and make her sleep in an hour. Super power number one: Being resourceful.

Similarly, the ‘older me’ would pack the exact amount of clothes required for travelling. But the ‘mom me’ packs clothes, medicines, diapers, food stock (that would feed minimum 3 kids), toys, and all the baby gear, just in case of disaster. Super power number two: Being futuristic.

How many of you have travelled in a plane with a crying baby on board? Or, cursed the parents of the crying baby in a cinema hall? Or judged the lady who got her infant to the market on a sunny day? Well, the non-mom-me has done it loud and clear, but the mom-me tries to understand the reason why a baby is crying (hunger, pain, colic) and I, now (after having a child) completely understand the need to watch a movie despite having a baby (the care-taker must have ditched at the last moment) or the emergency for which one had to come out in the sun with her infant. Super power number three: Being empathetic. (Although women in general and dog owners already have this one)

There have been million instances in the last few months where I have calmly waited for my baby to fall asleep. There were times where I have waited days for her to empty her bowels. This wait introduced me to my superpower number four: Being patient.

As a new mom I think, that’s what the white lines on my tummy indicate, the birth of a superhero – a mom. And that’s what Mother’s day should be about. Anticipating and celebrating the perks of being a mother. After all you’re the Ras Al Ghul for your baby!

These superpowers not only help you ace your mom game but can also hone your career. In my next post I’ll cover how to kill it professionally with these super powers.

Happy Mother’s day!


Lucky Charm, Baby: Pregnant and Promoted



It is not less than winning a Grand Slam when you get the first promotion of your life! You start feeling a little closer to eminent athletes like Serena Williams, who literally won the Australian Open while being eight weeks pregnant!

Yes, I got promoted to a Senior Instructional Designer while being 25 weeks pregnant!

Not that I perspired on the court for more than an hour without dropping a set, but I simply did my job as good as I could!

In fact, working women undergo a huge dilemma as to when to reveal the pregnancy, will she be given a project during that period, how to deal with the limited maternity leaves, will she be fired for being pregnant and so on! Along with the hormonal turbulence occurring inside her, she has to additionally worry about the career that she has poured her heart and soul into.

Logically speaking, pregnancy lasts only for a few months, what lasts long is the maternity leave followed! But it is still perceived as a long-term handicap followed by a prolonged absence physically as well as mentally.

Personally, being pregnant has increased my enthusiasm for work. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I was determined to learn something new every day. I think this attitude helped me climb up the career ladder.

Again, my country and my employer have a huge role to play. Recently, the Indian government sanctioned a 26 weeks paid maternity leave for female Indian employees, along with having a crèche facility in close vicinity of the work place. The policy also allows work from home after the maternity leave.

And my employer considered my last project a huge success consequently appreciating my efforts, skills, and creativity by promoting a level higher!

I’m over the moon, of course…, but then fear sets in! May be my hormones are bouncing around for obvious reasons, or maybe I’m scared of losing the freedom to make mistakes. I think getting promoted is a double edged sword, exciting yet petrifying. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first promotion or the final one where you get the corner office. You realize how little you know about your new role, especially when you’re trying hard to cope with your boss’s big and bold expectations.

Getting accustomed to the new KRAs and being comfortable in your new role needs patience. To be able to swiftly get into your new role, you need to inculcate these new work habits:

  • Be frank to voice your opinion, but not rude to force them
  • Make new mistakes every day and learn from them
  • Don’t just set your goals blindly, meet your expectations
  • Keep yourself open to learn
  • Be bold enough to accept your fears to conquer them
  • Learn to celebrate the small achievements that contribute to a bigger goal

It’s not about how physically handicapped you are, what emotionally disturbing crisis you’re undergoing. All you have to do is be confident that you are the right person for the job.

In my opinion, irrespective of your gender, age, physical potential, and your job profile, you have to be pregnant with ideas eternally!

My aim is to prompt action, not just a thought. Regardless of your time in your current role, what idea can you take from this and apply in your work today?