Knock, Knock, Knock…Science!

Knock, knock, knock, science!

Knock, knock, knock, science!

Tim Burton, I don’t who, but he accidentally summed up the entire 2014 of my life in a single quote, ‘One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.’

So far, apart from my birth year, this has been the best year of my life. 🙂 🙂

I know it is late to say this, but this will be my year!

Here is why, I will be soon working for a company that is making business in ‘Learning network for science.’ And I fail to believe that this is simply a coincidence. This is what Sheldon would call probability! Or may be he would define probability here!! :p

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the legendary character that Jim Parson plays in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ an American sitcom. I am sorry for you if you didn’t know him already…but you can thank me now.

Anyway this post is about how to be a true Sheldon fan!

For beginners, start watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Join some science forum.

Look up the dictionary for the jargon words.

Attend comicon.

If that is too expensive, buy Sheldon souvenirs online.

When your obsession gets stronger, stalk HBO for the latest broadcast and download it with the internet speed that is displayed in the ‘wanted it, got it’ memes.

But nothing beats what I did. I got a job in a science company!

Yes I did! I did get a job in a company that loves science and in my benefit shares it too!! How about telling them to contact Jim to be our ambassador, how about going and marketing the company in comicon festivals and so on. I am full of new ideas; I think they might have occurred to them too. But to my benefit and the companies too, we found each other. serendipity


This is my partial serendipity. I found something good when I was actually looking for it but had started believing that I won’t get it soon. And now I have landed myself in job where I can actually use my education (I am a biotechnologist btw!! ) and passion both together and make a living out of it.

Finally I get to live the phrase, ‘do what you like and you will never work for a day.’  And in all this I get to deal with science heads. To some extent nerds too. And who better than Sheldon Cooper can endorse the title?

I think all my new would be colleagues are Sheldon fans; why else would they think of creating a science social media… You see, social media is here to stay, share anything let it be your state of mind or some latest news on the vanished plane, or simply a photo of your new tattoo and science is its oxygen. Social media platforms thrive on logic.

What am I blabbering, right?

Why do you wake up every morning? How do stand? What is the derivative of 137?

What is string theory? How do mosquitoes breathe? How did we evolve? Was Jurassic park true?

There is science behind everything! And the big bang theory has made it easy and fun. And now it is my job to make it interesting, get it to reach every science fan…oops..Sheldon fan! J

Wish me luck for my new job, new opportunity to bring the world closer!

P.S. I am not going to end it without Bazzinga!




About Holly

I am currently leveraging the tools of the digital age to develop effective eLearning, building skills to develop eLearning solutions that enhance reception and retrieval of gained skills. When not contemplating the above, I like a learning new things from my little one and cleaning my house (even if it is clean).

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