Which two words make you who you are?


When I decide to dine at a fancy restaurant, first half of my time goes in deciding what am I going to wear and then the later half is invested in selecting how high heels should I wear. But when I actually reach the place and make myself comfortable, all I can think of is wow, her shoes are nice, I need to find those jeans…I wonder if she is wearing make-up….and so on! its-me


One of the reasons is that I am self conscious (I like to call my obsession consciousness) and the second is I want so many things that I don’t get.

I hope you too face the same crunching desires…may be for different materialistic things, but you do feel the anxiety and the need to hold what you want even though you don’t need it.

“I want”

These are the two words that can shape a person. The intensity of wanting something varies on time, suitable age, place etc. but the bottom line is that these two words are the driving force.

Oh you are free to disagree with me but give me a chance to explain my point.

Unless you want something or someone, you will not work to get it. And working hard enough depends on how desperately you want that thing. Some of us believe that the moment they stopped wanting something they get it, I can’t explain the logic but I can explain the reason, to stop wanting something, you have to start wanting it first and then when you begin to want it, you automatically try to reach there with all the energy, intelligence or any other resource you have. And when you stop, you forget about the efforts you put in at the beginning.

For me, life is a long journey; every moment is a brand new moment to want something new. What you want today, you may not want tomorrow, but you will definitely get it sometime because, that is the law of nature.

You see, unlike us, nature does not like to hurt anybody. Sooner or later you’ll get everything you want. All you have to do is have faith.

I am not experienced enough to preach anything but I don’t know why I wrote this, may be because I realized today that everything that belongs to us is a loan form the society, nature or god. And if I shape my life beyond the two words, I will be a much happier person because I will work for what “you want.”

Wondering how can what you want make me happy? The answer is simple, if what you want is what you get as soon as you think about it, you’ll be happy and since I contributed in making the transition from want to get faster for you, I will be happy!

You have to decide who is that “you” going to be!

I have found my ‘you’…have you?


About Holly

I am currently leveraging the tools of the digital age to develop effective eLearning, building skills to develop eLearning solutions that enhance reception and retrieval of gained skills. When not contemplating the above, I like a learning new things from my little one and cleaning my house (even if it is clean).

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