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The Day He Came Home


loveLike every other Indian girl, I grew up dreaming about my prince charming since a very young age. I somehow got possessive about him so much that I did not realize when I switched on the bollywood mode. But today was an eye opener…
“In relationship” is a status that is not the complete version of taken and leaves a small window of availability. This window gets grilled by commitment and closes on marriage. And I want to close the window. My intentions, views or my future plans were crystal clear. I had found the man of my dreams and finished judging him to be the right one for me. All I needed was to get married.
But one day, my dream changed. Continuous peer pressure reached the threshold of my dream and all I wanted to do was run away from marriages, guys and anything had even the slightest tinkle of a wedding ring!!
Let me make you understand my scene, I had found my man, I knew I want to end up with him, but neither he nor me were ready to make us exclusive…or take our parents into confidence. Reasons were varied, right from dark pasts to stupid reasons like being scared of marriage. When we both were getting comfortable in our virtual commitment cloud, my siblings made the courage to prick it and make my life easier by making this virtual commitment a reality. They told my parents about us. They made us exclusive.
Panicked, I rushed to the phone and told him, “my father wants to meet you” and like the lightning strikes the earth, his “yes” struck me hard and got me back to my senses. It cost me my half days salary to gather myself and face my parents. But I was the mother of this problem and he could have very easily dust his hands of the uncalled responsibility…but he didn’t.
Nightmare is the right word for the situation when a guy meets his girls’ father to officially ask permission to take her away! And today was the day for my guy to face this nightmare. Being judged, being asked absolutely stupid questions, he went through it very patiently wearing a smile throughout. I couldn’t stop wondering, why does he love me so much?
Well, I think I’ll spend the rest of my life finding out the answer and may not even get it. But truly, I am feeling light, everyone knows, and though the getting married part is still unclear, he stood by me when I needed him the most. And that is more than enough reason for me to stand by him whenever he needs me.
This is a genuine dedication to my man…you are my strength. I love you!


How Lights made me realize I can make me Happy!


Diwali for me since college days has not been as special as Ganpati festival. Every year I would make efforts to be with my loved ones and that’s it. I would end up costing value time with family and a pocket full of money. But this Diwali is special. I did not get married nor did I spend a buck load of money for a fancy dress! This Diwali was happy for me, because of me!

Lights are powerful..
Tradition is of high importance in these days and family obviously steals the lime light. But it wasn’t the boring family get together that had suddenly become interesting, it was me who had changed perspective to look at it!

Like everyone does, I dressed up and participated in the Lakshmi Pooja, later burst crackers and was on my way to meet my friends when suddenly a floating Chinese lantern grabbed my attention. My will power was so strong that the same day, my society had arranged the same Chinese lantern even on our ground. 🙂 . I blew the lantern, lite the flame and made efforts for it to take off…and it did.
Like a child, I clapped and expressed my happiness and thereafter I continued to be happy…:)

This particular take off was an enlightening take off for me. I started to feel the happiness in the air, I shared it by tweeting about it but that wasn’t enough so I decided to write about it. Here, with this post, I am attaching a photo, where I actually sat and wrote my heart out, that’s my living room. I am sure, you might also feel like coming over and find your inspiration.

Diwali Living RoomToday I understood the real meaning of Diwali, the real victory of light over darkness, the reason to smile and be happy again.

I have already made my mind to put these lights in my house permanently, cause they make me feel loved and blessed.

Have you seen someone’s eyes while lighting a candle or a diya? I saw it today, and no matter how tiny your eyes are, light reflects!

Every person looks beautiful in the light, is that the reason why sun shines everyday?
Oh, don’t worry, I don’t want you to answer any questions here. I just want to pass on my new found happiness to you. If you already had it, ohh, I envy you already but if you don’t here it is.. 🙂

Light up every mind with good thoughts, light up your soul with a smile let the current of love make you the tallest and strongest electricity pole on earth! Cheesy right…!!

I Hope you find happiness this Diwali like I did! 🙂 Happy Diwali!