How not to cry when you want to cry!!


And here comes the water works!! Is one sentence that I hate from the bottom of my heart. I have actually been use to listening to it, but it was for a long time since, I wanted to explain the reason why I cry or crying is simply like laughing, an expression. Sometimes it made me think that it is just something someone says in order to get away with the trouble of comforting the one who cries. But the crier does not need comfort, she needs courage to push back her tears and swallow the insult, separation or whatever that made her cry!
How to do that during an emotional turmoil…getting into the man’s mentality seems to be a viable solution! But it is not only difficult, it is impossible! So, I have jotted down a few points that can help you deal with your tears yourself and guilt free!
Close the gates!
Eyes are let tears out… close your eyes and your tears will go back in. Believe me, distracting yourself from the situation by avoiding eye contact, closing eyes or adjusting your mascara helps to skip crying.
La La La..
Music! This is tricky way, it will make cry even more if you listen to a song that is super senti or somewhere related to the situation that you are undergoing!
Try and listen to fun songs, like ‘Americano’ but avoid David guetta in such situations! 😉
Music makes it easy to express, it might loosen up you many times but try using music to cover your feeling!
Gulp it!
Yes, you read it right… swallow that gulp of tears and you will run out of tears. Simple logic, if you change their route, they will not come out from your eyes. 
Stop talking
This is probably the best way to get out of almost any trouble. But in case of crying, talking lubricates it instead of conveying your point to the opposite person.
Get Dressed
Weird right..but if you get dressed and look good, you feel good and don’t want anything to spoil it..not even with your own tears!

These are very temporary ways to get rid of situations that can cause you embarrassment by crying. Always remember, if you can’t cry in front of a person, you can’t be yourself with her. Ideally I will say, let them flow, but I have grown wiser to understand that tears are too precious to be wasted. SO use them wisely.



About Holly

I am currently leveraging the tools of the digital age to develop effective eLearning, building skills to develop eLearning solutions that enhance reception and retrieval of gained skills. When not contemplating the above, I like a learning new things from my little one and cleaning my house (even if it is clean).

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  1. Hey….well written. I guess this can be one of the ways to check your partner. Even after a long relationship if firstly he doesn’t let you cry n secondly in case you cry, he is there with you to console you, it means he is the person to be with.

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