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A new bunch of problems!


Kashmir..when I say this word there are two different images that flash in my mind. One is about an artistic shikara in the Dal lake and the other is the still from the movie Lakshya where there are soldiers running all over the place! I have never been to Kashmir but a unique sense of patriotism shoots within me when I listen or read about “POK and IOK.”
Like Kashmir, Northeast India and the south India are have the same issue, not with Pakistan but amongst themselves and with India! Are these people not Indian? Do they experience the same adrenaline rush when they read about Indian soldiers dying in Kashmir? Do they get the goose bumps during an Indo Pak cricket match?
If the answer is yes, why are they fighting to be a separate state? Political and regional reasons are many, you can goggle them. I want to ask about the Indian feeling, where is that?
What we lack is, understanding that we need to adjust. Adjustment is synonym of life, if you don’t get what you want, you can always ask for it and still if you don’t get, you can work out a golden mean. But separation is always the last.
This national issue of demanding separate states have started reflecting in our personal lives. People are getting divorced so fast as if they were never meant to be together. And soon it will reflect in the next generation of our country where separation will be as easy as saying ‘talaq’ three times.
I am not a politically sound person, but all I am trying to do is create little awareness in our generation about adjustment. Telangana issue affected my life the day when my friend had to cancel her tour to her mother’s place: Hyderabad because Tamilians had called a ‘band.’ It was then, when I felt the impact of this situation and dug deeper into why do they want a separate state? We are sacrificing n number of lives every year fighting our neighbours; we should not create more such brothers in our house.
Let us get the “INDIAN” feeling in every Indian. Let us stop dividing land. Let us focus on our growth and development. We already have more than our share of problems. Let us deal with them instead of creating a bunch of new problems!
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