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introspectionI have been planning to write this blog for many days. But today when I sit down to write, it only crowds my mind with ideas, feeling and just rush them out as fast as they come in. So finally I have decided to write everything that crosses my mind.
So let me start with how I started to write this. In my mind, I am constantly thinking about how do I look and off course what to tweet!! Jokes apart, for me writing this post needed a lot of courage and self belief, so I decided to do what I love the most, I dressed up, made my eyes, brushed my hair, wore a nice perfume and started to write. Believe me even if this blog turn out to be a disaster, I will be happy thinking that at least I look good while writing it. ๏Š
Now, since everyone got my exact state let me start talking about us. What is our relationship? How do you know me? If you know me in person, call me, if not get to know me from my tweets and I bet you will find yourself in me somewhere! Donโ€™t wait for the article to end, do it right away! @ApurvaBhelke my handle…no no…I am not posting my number here! ๐Ÿ˜‰
It is so important to stay in touch, it is so important to get in touch with people who you once knew you. Because, they remember you as the person you were a few days back and it is a good feeling to know that you infact were a fun girl some time back. Introspection happens you see..!! And it makes you feel good and bad at the same time. Good because obviously you were young, happy and with less problems as today and sad because you release what made you this person that you are today!
You only have to remind yourself that you are beautiful…you are the rockstar…if not for the world, for your parents, for your children or for the man who is with you since ever! And when you go ahead and look behind at today, and you will feel only good about yourself. Ultimately it is all about being happy and making people around you happy. I am blessed with two nice dimples if you are too blessed then smile and make the world smile with you, if not then create an aura that makes everyone want to be in it. How to make it? Ask yourself, the answer lies within you.
Love all! Cheers!