I got a lead


I still wonder what would have the leaders in the market have done to gain that special customer trust while introducing their product!! Everyone everywhere is continuously trying to be different, trying out different permutations and combinations that yield more money! But what I have observed is that we all are draining our energy in the rat race that yields only one winner.

Teaching is the best job, no emergency calls, no targets and sole responsibility of transforming the gained wisdom to the next generation. Until I wrote this sentence, I did not know that being different is being you, original you.

I streamlined my efforts to develop content that rhymes with my competitors but neither I nor my seniors were satisfied with it. This is the first log entry that I did while trying to leave a mark in the education industry.

“Generate sales! Marketing efforts should double! Are we organized? We need to optimize our resources!” These are the normal questions that surround everyone after the sales meeting. With crowded social media and upcoming new designations that align this crowd, are we forgetting that we are promoting education?

Education is the backbone of our society and we are only focused on out numbering our competitors! We have such a wonderful product to sell and yet unable to generate revenue is not shame but result of ignorance.

I would take my product to the people who actually need it. Rome was not built in a day; I would build an educational Rome here in my town and globalize it with latest tools of social media. But I will have to take it to the people who need it.

Here, I got my lead; I just had to get back to school and think of the reason why I signed up this job!

The mantra is not to forget the basic reasons, I am not against adapting the latest revolutionized applications to multiply but first you need to make your product different, unique and basic!

I am a teacher, every one is, by default. I have to make others buy this fact!


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