Monthly Archives: April 2013

Happily in Love


He is a simple man with a character as clear as snow. There are many things in life which I have done, that I regret, if I lose him I will not regret a single moment spent with him. I was holding him in my hands, very close to my heart, the day he told me about his feelings, I stomped on it as hard as I could, why? Because I was involved in me. I had never thought of anyone beyond me. It is a million times in a day I think of me.

Miracles happen, in my case an unique one happened. I met an ordinary guy on an ordinary day. I never thought this would be a life changing event for me, but it did change me and of course my life too.

He taught me to think about others, search good in the worst of the people. He is my mentor for he teaches not to alter your schedule, it alters itself if you really want something to happen. Let us name this influential person Zuba, Zuba is a tall physically as well as mentally an awesome guy. The show stopper of tense situations, humour is every alternate blood cell in his body.

Why am I telling you all this, because, when someone is still around you inspite of dreadfull deads that you have done, he is the Zuba of your life. Never let him go. Cheris him, I will persist to worship him also, because this is a person who knows the real meaning of life and your real value. Isint that all you look for all your life, a person who understands your worth?

Just to make it light, Zuba is a Gandhi supporter and spells happyness the ‘y’ way! Wish you all the luck to hold on to your Zuba and look hard Zuba is right besides you catch him before someone else does.

Love you Zuba!