Monthly Archives: March 2013

VIrtual Reality


Every fourth marriage ends in a divorce these days. There are many reasons to why this happens. The most common is ‘trust issues.’ There were trust issues before, weren’t they? What changed the scene?
Technology advanced and brought the world closer. It also brought problems as an uninvited guest. There are fights on face book relationship status, online ignorance, chat flirting and the list goes on. Online ignorance is my term which I use for not replying inspite of being online.
Yes I have fallen prey to the issues mentioned above and hence I share my logic to help others who are on the verge to end their relationship in reality because of virtual misunderstandings. Has anyone seen face book? Why are you fighting with your husband for not changing his status from single to married? The threats are already aware of your husband being married to you! Why do we need to switch on to invisible mode when you see your boyfriend online? I see him every day, I need some change!
These are the real problems each one of us is facing every day. They might be with your wife, boyfriend, parents or boss.
Too much of anything is harmful. This is high time we realise and learn from this saying. Global warming, nuclear wars, health issues aren’t enough that we readily accept to suffer a breakup than to give up internet addiction. Internet is today’s basic need, but we don’t eat 24 hours then why are we online 24 hours? Let’s make a change and save ourselves the torturous suffering of a breakup.
I am no expert in relationships. I am coping up with one since ever! But I have come up with good ways which keep us from fighting on problems which do not exist. To restrict ourselves from using the internet other than work is not impossible. Yes, to catch up with friends and family is alright but not on a regular basis.
Let’s spend some time actually shopping in a mall or a market than online. It helps taking our minds off many things. I being a girl mentioned shopping; playing and other activities can be included here.
People who are physically close to us can be invited over for tea, or can be visited on short notice! We don’t have to catch updates about your brother through face book!
Social networking has covered us with a coat which is opaque. And it is time to shed the coat and be transparent to our folks. Password, mms scandals, chat history should not be even included in the list of problems. Ultimately it’s the attitude that makes a difference and the urge to win trust that helps you find your mistakes. With mistake detected the solution appears! Let’s be the real solution that triggers the gun of envy due to virtual reasons.