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The Two Escobars

Last year ESPN completed 30 years; to commemorate the 30 years benchmark, ESPN released 30 documentaries on 30 sports personalities directed and scripted by 30 renowned directors.
The two Escobars happened to be one of them. At first I thought this is going to a normal documentary about a football player Andreas Escobar and may be the ‘two’ signifies his two greatest achievements! But as the documentary proceeded it revealed the Robin hood Pandey of Colombia aka Pablo Escobar.
Pablo was a drug mafia of Colombia and the owner of the world’s fastest grown football team “The Nacional.” Again my already tuned brain guessed the film to be a path exchanger between the two Escobars, but my spine shivered when I saw the patriotism of the heroes!
Both crossed lines very often because of soccer. One was brought up by the moral values of his mother while other by the poverty ridden frustration. One believed in the game to unite the country and change its image while the other helped the country to be free from extradition. The ways were different but the motive were same, to restore peace and freedom! Pablo and Andreas both were assassinated by the friend within the country!
This isn’t the entire story but just a glimpse of it. The best part of the two different personalities was their humility towards the poor. They both did mistakes which affected their country, families, careers as well as their lives. Pablo was a mafia with principles, Andreas was a player who played from heart. The mistakes they both committed were genuinely not on purpose or with a good intension to free the country!
The society then and now hasn’t changed even a tiny bit. The immediate judgemental attitude based on the actions of an individual without a second thought of his intensions killed the two. I was deeply saddened when a humble player like Andreas was assassinated by a drunkard who thought Andreas scored a goal for the USA on purpose.
The aim to write about this is to promote the film, yes; also some sense into the people. Let it be Colombia, America or India people are the same. When we look at someone who has committed a mistake let’s not overlook the achievements he has bestowed upon our society.
As Andreas would say,”Life does not end here” We have to make a choice to let anger rule us or rule the anger and help others. This documentary has won a permanent place in my laptop and the two Escobars are definitely going to be passed on to my next generation. To be a Pablo or Andreas is the task.